13|U and Hamiltonian Artists Collaboration: The 13|U Art Windows

April 2, 2018

Life at 13|U is vibrant inside and out. Our location sits at the intersection of culture, dining, and entertainment in the lively U Street corridor, where you can savor the best in theater, music, and food with ease. And within 13|U, arresting art surrounds you, creating an inspiring and vivid backdrop to your luxe lifestyle.

Our artful approach to providing the ultimate in sophistication includes our 13|U Art Windows, featuring original works of art curated by Hamiltonian Artists and rotated quarterly.

Hamiltonian Artists fellowship program is dedicated to supporting local artists in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, providing a platform for emerging artists looking for exhibition opportunities, professional development, and career guidance. Program director James Williams says, “We believe in the Hamiltonian mission and the fellows who participate in our program every year. It is truly rewarding for us to see our alumni advance in their careers by using the professional development tools that we provided them as fellows.”

The latest installment at the 13|U Art Windows showcases two pieces by Baltimore-based artist David Ubias, “Idle Proposition” and “A Brittle Intrigue.” These unique pieces feature layers of paper pulp treated and “dyed” with acrylic paint to create colorful, highly textured paintings. This technique, which the artist prefers to create with his hands instead of with a brush, combines aspects of both sculpture and drawing and reflects his fascination with the historical relief sculptures found throughout ancient cultures, from Egyptian obelisks to Mesoamerican stelae.

“Idle Proposition” and “A Brittle Intrigue” were designed particularly to complement and contrast the striking features and details at 13|U. Ubias says “13|U is a building that has some interesting art deco details in monochromatic relief. . . . I wanted to provide some contrast to the linear architectural details and add a touch of unexpected color.” With bright hues, flowing lines, and mesmerizing layers raised in relief, these eye-catching pieces bring vibrancy to the landscape of the U Street Corridor and, the artist hopes, provide “a welcome relief from the visual clutter of urban living.”

We invite you to join us for a champagne toast to celebrate the launch of the U Street’s latest public art installation and meet the artist, David Ubias, on Sunday, April 15, 1–3 p.m.! RSVP to james@hamiltonianartists.org.

Savor these stunning pieces at 13|U through June 2018, and be on the lookout for our next exclusive collaboration with Hamiltonian Artists this summer. For more information on Hamiltonian Artists and the fellowship application process, visit hamiltonianartists.org.