Meet Yannick Shamamba, 13|U’s Dedicated Resident Assistant

October 3, 2018

At 13|U, we’re dedicated to helping our residents live effortlessly with the help of our lifestyle concierge, Mr. Yannick Shamamba. Yannick is a dedicated member of our 13|U team and our residents’ personal coordinator — always at the ready to ensure that life is completely seamless.

Moving in? Yannick will assist with all your relocation services. Need a dog walker let into your residence? Yannick will gladly assist. Out of town, but have a package arriving? Yannick will deliver your packages just inside your apartment for the ultimate convenience. As our resident assistant, Yannick is there to help with a wide variety of services, including dog walkers and pet sitters, door-to-door package delivery, grocery service, food pick-up, car washing and detailing, dry cleaning pick-up and delivery, moving-in services, setting you up with a personal trainer or personal organizer, and more.

“Our staff values customer service and we go above and beyond to make [our residents’] living experience serene,” said Yannick.

On top of providing these services, Yannick also acts as your personal concierge — he’s a neighborhood expert, providing invaluable recommendations about local services, restaurants, and experiences. He’s proud to facilitate a hassle-free living experience both inside 13|U’s walls and out.

What’s his favorite part about serving the community at 13|U? For Yannick, it’s the day to day interactions with the residents: “Our residents are respectful, very kind to the staff, personable — and easy to serve, he says. “I get gratification from doing it, because at the same time, I’m making someone else’s life easier — which is our goal here at 13|U.”

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