Savor the Latest Art Installation at the 13|U Art Windows

July 26, 2018

13|U brings you the best of culture, dining, and entertainment, both with our location in the dynamic U Street corridor, as well as within 13|U, where vibrant art pieces throughout paint a sophisticated backdrop for your unparalleled, luxurious life.

Discover our latest installation at the 13|U Art Windows, where we feature a rotating selection of original works of art curated by Hamiltonian Artists, a fellowship program dedicated to supporting artists in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area.

This quarter’s installment displays “Too Loud to See,” a mixed-media piece by Hamiltonian Artists alumna Amy Boone-McCreesh. A graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design and holding an MFA from Towson University, Boone-McCreesh has had her work included in exhibits across the country and abroad, including a permanent piece in the U.S. Consulate in Monterrey, Mexico, through the Art in Embassies program. Using a number of mediums and processes, she has continually adapted and evolved her approach with each piece, and says using mixed-media “allows for discovery and experimentation” in her work.

“Too Loud to See” is an intricate and colorful kaleidoscope that catches the eye immediately and slows the viewer down, as they visually explore the pathways and patterns that emerge the longer you look. With patterns made from scans of the artist’s own drawings and photos of previous pieces mashed together to create what Boone-McCreesh calls “my own visual language,” the piece challenges the viewer’s perception of what is 2D versus 3D through the vivid combination of textures, colors, and reflective surfaces.

“I think artwork is more interesting when it takes a little time to figure out what’s going on.” — Amy Boone-McCreesh, artist

While “Too Loud to See” was previously installed in another exhibit indoors, Boone-McCreesh was excited to see how it translated to its new placement at 13|U. “It’s so rewarding to get to see an idea through in a few different ways,” she said. “The skeleton of this piece is shared with another installation, but it gets fleshed out differently . . . . Even when my works share connective threads, they are never the same.” She shared how she feels it echoes the “visually confusing as well as beautiful” spirit of the city and hopes that this piece provides a rewarding moment for passersby to take a moment and appreciate the beauty around them — and that the piece brings happiness to its audience.

13|U is proud to partner with the renowned Hamiltonian Artists program and is always delighted to celebrate and showcase their talents in the property’s window displays. Dedicated to supporting local artists in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, Hamiltonian Artists provides a platform for emerging artists looking for exhibition opportunities, professional development, and career guidance. Program director James Williams says, “We believe in the Hamiltonian mission and the fellows who participate in our program every year. It is truly rewarding for us to see our alumni advance in their careers by using the professional development tools that we provided them as fellows.” For more information on Hamiltonian Artists and the fellowship application process, visit

Savor this stunning piece at 13|U through September 2018, and be on the lookout for our next exclusive collaboration with Hamiltonian Artists this autumn. Interested in meeting the artist? Join us on August 12 for a reception to celebrate Amy Boone-McCreesh and her piece’s display at 13|U and a chance to meet the artist. Contact us today for more information.